The Poké»on League HQ
The Poké»on League HQ


**Main Floor**
- Information Desk
 - Poké»on
 - How it started
 - Heros and Zeros
 - Poké»on News
 - Contact Us

**Second Floor**
- Animation Floor
 - Episodes
 - TV Station Listings

**Third Floor**
- Bill's PCs
 - 150 Poké»on
 - Evolution
 - Battle Chart
- Item List
- TM & HM list
- Town Map

**Fourth Floor**
- PKMN Factory
 - toys (stuffed, etc)
- Testing Room
 - Game boy
   - Red/Blue
   - Poké»on Pinball
   - Upcoming Versions
  - Tips & Tricks
- N64
 - Poké»on Snap
   - Snap Walkthru
 - Super Smash Bros.
 - Japan Versions
  - Genki Dechu
   - Poké»on Stadium
   - Poké»on Stadium 2
- Other
- Poké»on Pikachu
- Poké»on TCG
 - Complete TCG Lists

**Fifth Floor**
- Tests and Quizes
- Gallery
- Download Lab
- Scrolls of Lyrics
- Vote: Top 100

- Exits (Links)
- Link To Us


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Release Dates:

Poké»on Pinball - Released
Poké»on Snap - Released
Poké»on Yellow - Oct 25
Poké»on Stadium - Mar00'
Gold/Silver - Spring 00'
Genki Dechu - TBA
Poké»on Card GB - TBA

New Episodes - Fall 99'
Pkmn:The Movie - Nov12
Poké»on Piccross - Dec 99'
Phantom Poké»on X - TBA

Fossil Deck - Nov 99'
Team Rocket - Jan 00'
Gym Leader - TBA

Welcome To The Poké»on League HQ!

Hi and welcome to the new and improved Poké»on League HQ entrance! We are gladly to announce this will be the new main page! A new layout! But sadly, so far, this is the only page with this layout. If you think it would be better to do this to the rest of the pages e-mail me and we'll decide! If I get enough people to say yes, We'll change the whole building's layout format!

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December 4th - We are finally back! (yay) Currently, we are getting those new episode summaries up (thanks to ytv we got tonnes). And new information about the new guy, Tracy. And the new theme song also (very cool now). Hopefully, all this will be done soon, and trust us, they will. But for now, take a look at what we have and we'll give you the new scoop in Pok®¶mon info!

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